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Nostro is a design studio based in the Netherlands —founded by Cecilia Polonara and Federica Marrella —with a focus on developing creative ideas into design products.

Our mission is to translate change in different fields —such as scientific, political and environmental —by solving pressing problems of our times through original inventions.
In fact, we are living in a fast-changing world characterised by different societal and economic contradictions, whose consequences are emerging more and more and affecting our psychological and physical world. In response to the current condition of the Anthropocene and of the uncertain global scenario, we believe that critically questioning and challenging the current industrial and social models is the designer’s ethical responsibility and is essential to keep idealism and social dreaming alive. We believe that most fascinating periods in history were filled with tumult and upheaval. This is why our vision is looking at the current challenges not as obstacles but as opportunity and resources to propose alternatives to traditional values and positions

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