The Feminist Textile Glossary

The term bodtrol refers to the control everybody should exercise on their own body.

This term specifically suggests the importance of women’s control over their own bodies. Indeed today more than two hundred millions women who want to avoid or delay pregnancy still cannot obtain modern contraception in developing nations. In 67 countries, abortion is either prohibited in all circumstances or allowed only to save a woman’s life. As Amnesty International reminds us with the campaign “ My body my rights”, being able to make our own decisions about our health, body and sexual life is a basic human right. Women should be able to take decisions over their bodies without fear, violence or discrimination.  Yet all over the world, people are bullied, discriminated against and arrested, simply for making choices about their bodies and their lives. The social norms which allowed the misappropriation of women’s choices over their bodies are controlled by our governments, communities and families. These social norms have patriarchal roots. We should take action against them in order to defend our rights.