The Feminist Textile Glossary
Post-Patriarchy Stress Disorder

The medical term Post-Patriarchy Stress Disorder is an imaginary word referred to as a mental health condition that is triggered by the terrifying social event of patriarchy — either experiencing it or witnessing it— and by the recognition that this system does exist. Sexism isn’t always the root cause of the mental health problems that women face. But there’s no doubt that it adds mental distress to women’s lives in a number of ways —from the gender pay gap to rape culture. Indeed millions of women around the world struggle with anxiety and depression: this is often the expression of the intergenerational trauma of years and years of female oppression by the patriarchal culture imprinted in our bodies and nervous systems. This condition can deeply and profoundly affect our thoughts and emotions, choices and behaviours and holds us back from claiming women’s ultimate happiness and success.