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Airwal is a bio-safety aspirator embedded into a table and designed with the purpose to improve the quality of the air, which is a fundamental living element for humans whose purity has been shown to increase the cognitive function performance of people. The product is capable to capture saliva particles and water vapours potentially carrying various pathogens through an aspirator with a filter positioned in the centre of the structure which retains them inside itself, consequently releasing a sanitized air. Thanks to its operation, Airwal acts as a barrier between the virus and those who use the table, keeping the environment clean and purified.


  • Public spaces will play a great role in promoting public health and in the reform of the territory’s prevention offer.

  • One of the great challenges of urban regeneration will be to transform the “smart city” into a “safe city”.

  • The effectiveness of the product can be even more recognisable in the Eastern countries which have a culture based on prevention and health education.

  • Our physical and social environments have a greater impact on our state of health than our lifestyle and behavior, our access to health care, and even our genetics.

Airwal has been selected as a finalist at the IDA International Design Awards. It is now in the top 10 picks in the category of Product Design for the Covid-19 Design Innovation Grant, which invite product designers to design ventilators or other life-saving equipment that can be affordably produced and distributed.

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